Pukekohe Raceway upgrade on track for ITM400 Auckland

  • 18/02/2013
  • By V8 Supercars
  • V8 Supercars Championship

Work isprogressing on schedule on the $6.6 million upgrade of Pukekohe Park Raceway inreadiness to host April’s ITM 400 Auckland V8 Supercar event.

The worksinclude improving and replacing safety barriers, debris fencing and curbing,some resurfacing, major alterations to the pit area, new pit garages, controlbuildings and addition of two new corners on the back straight.

After twomonths of demolition, earthworks and infrastructure improvements, constructionis set to begin on the new pits and control buildings.

“Work islargely on schedule and helped by the excellent weather,” said project manager,Christian Butler from Integrated engineering Delivery Management (iEDM). “Wehave added to the original scope of works with more infrastructures especiallyaround drainage and storm water.

“In thenext two weeks the public will begin to see some major development. We havenearly finished the concrete pad and will begin construction of the new pitsand also the control building.”

The workhas included the removal of 9000 cub m of soil to enlarge and level the pitarea.

“There’snow a large concrete surface to provide not only for the 32 pit garages butalso service area behind the pits, and we have also re-aligned the pit lane aswell.”

The soilremoved has been used on other parts of the circuit including the new cornerson the back straight, designed to meet the new FIA safety standards for a grade2 certificated circuit.

“Thecurbing and work has been completed on the two new corners and we plan to sealthat new area of the track in the next two weeks.”

V8Supercars Mark Skaife, the former five time champion, has headed the designchanges to the circuit.

“Mark isthrilled with how the changes have come up. He strongly believes they will addconsiderably to the circuit in terms of creating two new passing opportunitiesand also add a real driving challenge that will be spectacular for drivers andfans alike.”

Skaife willreturn to Pukekohe next month for the official track inspection by FIAofficials ahead of the ITM400 Auckland event on 12-14 April.

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